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The Digital Notice Board is your university's
own recruitment space

Meet the Digital Notice Board

Everything in one place

Have you ever wondered what research is happening at your university right now?

A Digital Recruitment Notice Board brings together surveys, interviews and other research studies from across your whole university so students, staff, and the public can find and engage with research happening in all departments just by visiting one webpage.

Some of our existing customers

Your branding

Make your students and researchers ambassadors for your university.

Using a digital notice board ensures that all outgoing ‘calls for participants’ by researchers are professional, consistent, and carry the university branding.

Your logos will automatically appear on every study page your researchers create on Call for Participants.

Enhance engagement

Your Digital Notice Board is accessible through your own custom URL, making it is easy for everyone to discover, share, and communicate the research happening at your university.

With all research studies across the university in once place, both your students and the public can take part in research happening at every department in your university, earn rewards, and get inspired.

How to get started

Want one for your university?

Setting up a digital notice board could not be easier. Simply contact our communications office and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to get started.

More Benefits
  • The Notice Board is free, but for you to get the best out of it, we do ask that you help us promote it inside your university.

  • The Notice Board requires no ongoing management or support from your university staff or researchers, so they can continue to do what they do best.

  • Setting up a Notice Board is easy. Just tell us that you want one and we will do the rest.

Benefits for your researchers

Why your researchers love Call for participants

More participants

Getting the public to take part can often be pivotal to the quality and impact of research. Your researchers come to Call for Participants to save time and get participants they otherwise have no access to.

Problem-specific support

On Call for Participants researcher have access to online support, social integration features, guidance and resources to support their recruitment efforts and help them effectively communicate to the public.

Ethical research

Researchers love making sure their participants are in safe hands. Call for Participants makes it easy to disclose ethical approval information on their study pages enhancing the image of their and your university.

What do researchers say?
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"Firstly, thank you for offering such a nice service free of charge, it's been a big help ... I found the process of setting up a study page really easy"

Mary McManaman, PhD Student
Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, US
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"Using Call For Participants has allowed me to promote my research to the relevant people from one easy-to-use interface"

James Sprinks, PhD Student
University of Nottingham
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"Call for participants made it incredibly easy for me to see exactly how many research studies were currently recruiting at my university and whether or not I fit the criteria in a few quick clicks"

Guy Storey, Clinical Psychology
Participant, University of Liverpool
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"Call for Participants has been absolutely great for my research...It’s great to have a website that is purely dedicated to recruiting participants for academic research..."

Claire Mitchell, Clinical Psychology
PhD Candidate, University of Western Australia
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Setting up a digital notice board could not be easier. Simply contact our communications office and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to get started.

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