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Brain scan study to investigate memory

24 June 2019

This study uses computer games and brain scanning to understand memory.

It is conducted at UCL and pays up to £90 in cash for a day and a half of work.

If you decide to take part you will attend our research offices on two consecutive days:
- On day 1 you will practice a short game on a computer.This takes about 2-3 hrs.
- On day 2 you will play the same computer game in a brain scanner (MEG scanner). The scan itself is about 2 hrs long, but the research day is approx 7 hrs.


Ethical approval

The study has full ethical approval from both UCL (15/0541) and NHS (15/LO/1361) research departments.

About the researcher

The lead researcher is a medical doctor and PhD candidate in neuroscience at UCL, with experience in conducting brain imaging research studies at multiple London universities (UCL, KCL and Imperial).

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