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Is Binge Eating a Feminist Issue?

25 June 2019

This project is an investigation into binge eating disorder and compulsive (over) eating from an intersectional feminist perspective, examining the impact of gender, race, and class on their causes and developments, and potential implications for treatment in the UK.

Participants are invited to take part in a semi-structured interview (about 60 minutes) about their experience with being affected by BED/compulsive (over) eating as well as a the psychological treatment they've received for it.


Ethical approval

This study has been approved by the University of Cambridge Department of Sociology Ethics Committee.

About the researcher

I am a PhD student in sociology at the University of Cambridge. My main research interests include intersectional feminism and feminist theories, the sociology of the body (incl. fat studies, aesthetic labour and beauty politics), sociology of food, eating disorders as socio-cultural phenomena, as well as medical sociology and the sociology of health care.

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