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Adults’ retrospective accounts of testifying or seeing a child in UK courts

05 June 2020

Research to explore experiences of child witnesses in the UK criminal justice system to better understand and help children in the justice system.

Adults (18+) who testified in a UK court as a child or witnessed a child testify in a UK court, we would like to hear from you.

It would mean you filling in an online diary at home for 7 days of your experience, each day reflecting an aspect. You would be reimbursed £15 for your time and be entered into a £100 draw for one person at the end.


  • 18 + Years Old
  • Testified as a child (17 years old or younger) in a UK court
  • or
  • Saw a child testify as a child in a UK court (family and friends of a chid who testified).
  • The court case must be closed.

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Ethical approval

This study has been approved by Keele Ethics Committee.

Each diary entry are anonymised, so personal information will be removed. All anonymised transcripts will be securely kept on a password protected computer, with only access from the researcher and supervisors.

Should you have any concerns about the research, please contact the researcher on psychology.retrospectivechildwitness@keele.ac.uk or the Keele Psychology Ethics board on psychology.ethics@keele.ac.uk.

About the researcher

I am a PhD student exploring the experience of child witnesses and their families within the criminal justice system in the UK. This research aims to better understand children in the criminal justice system and help reduce obstacles for child witnesses. I completed my BSc in Psychology and MSc in Social and Community Psychology at Keele University.

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