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A survey of habit formation in Parkinson's disease and healthy controls

17 April 2020

The aim of the project is to validate a new questionnaire, the Daily Habit Scale, which has been designed to measure daily habits and for this I need healthy participants of all ages. We also plan to investigate factors which may have an effect on daily habits, including Parkinson’s disease.

The survey includes an information sheet with further details about the project. If you agree to take part, you will need to complete this anonymous and confidential 20-30 minute online survey.


  • Aged 18+

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Ethical approval

This study has ethics approval.
It has been reviewed by the Principal Investigator Ethics Panel of the Sobell Department of Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders. It has also been approved by the London- Riverside Research Ethics Committee.

About the researcher

I am a masters student at UCL studying Cognitive Neuroscience.

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