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How does cannabis use affect long-term wellbeing?

11 October 2017

We are conducting a study into the long-term effects of cannabis on psychological well-being and cognition. We are looking for participants to come to UCL for 5 sessions over a 12 month period. (£240)
We will also be looking for some participants to take part in 2 brain imaging (MRI) sessions. (£100)
Assessments will include computer tasks, questionnaires, and interviews regarding mental health and drug use.


  • Healthy Volunteer
  • No Psychiatric Disorder
  • Male and Female
  • Age 16-17
  • OR Age 25-29

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Ethical approval

The study has been approved by the University College London ethics committee.

About the researcher

We are researchers at the Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit, UCL. We are interested in the effects of different drugs on brain and behaviour.

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