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The effect of seven day prucalopride administration on emotional processing

18 July 2018

If you take part, we would ask you to:
- Come for a screening visit where you will be asked to answer some questions including questions about your medical history and suitability for an MRI scan
- (If eligible) take one tablet of the study medication or placebo once daily for seven days at home
- Complete two tasks while in an MRI brain scanner on the 6th day of medication
- Complete tasks of emotional processing and memory on the 7th day of study medication

Time will be reimbursed


Ethical approval

University of Oxford Central University Research Ethics Committee: R57219/RE001

About the researcher

We are based in the Department of Psychiatry in the University of Oxford at the Warneford Hospital. We are running a number of studies in both healthy volunteers and people feeling anxious or low in mood, which explore how the brain processes emotional information. In particular, we're interested in studying how different factors such as brain chemicals, medicines and psychological treatments affect how we process emotions. This helps us to understand disorders such as depression and anxiety and to understand and contribute to the development of drug and psychological treatments.

For more information please visit: https://www.perloxford.org

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