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Parents of children aged 7-12 needed for questionnaire study about time

17 May 2019

We are seeking parents of children aged between 7 – 12 years old for a study investigating time concept in autism spectrum condition. We are currently recruiting the parents of non-autistic children as part of the control group to be compared with the response from parents of autistic children.

Participating will involve completing a short online questionnaire relating to your child’s understanding and experience of time.


  • - Based in the UK
  • - Fluent English speaker
  • - Child aged 7-12
  • - Child has no first degree relatives with an autism diagnosis
  • - Child attends mainstream school

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Ethical approval

This project received ethical approval from the University of Manchester Research Ethics Committee on 31/01/2018 [Ethics Code: 2632]

About the researcher

I am a postdoctoral research from the Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology at the University of Manchester. I hope this study will improve our understanding of the development of cognitive processes in autistic and non-autistic children

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