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Dementia and Caregiving Resources

28 September 2020

We want to learn more from those persons living with dementia and their informal carers about how their communication may have changed with dementia, any experiences they may have had with the speech-language management of dementia, as well as any other services and resources they may have used or wished were available to them.


  • Pairs of persons living with dementia and an informal carer:
  • Informal Carer who:
  • Provides care to the individual living with dementia (e.g., helping with appointments, finances, medicine, any kind of daily activities, etc.)
  • Unpaid for care services
  • Has regular contact with person living with dementia during time of care
  • Lives in the U.K.
  • Person living with dementia who:
  • Has received a formal dementia diagnosis
  • Lives in the U.K.

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Ethical approval

This study has been approved by the Indiana University IRB #1912528116

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