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Interview - are you 18-25 and from a High Net Worth family?

01 September 2019

I'm recruiting participants aged 18-25 from Western Europe for my doctoral research into young people's experiences and challenges of growing up in high net worth families.

If you meet the requirements, participation involves a 1.5 hour informal interview about your experiences, either in a location convenient, or at Regent's Uni in London.

By participating you’ll be contributing to a growing body of knowledge around an under-researched and overlooked area within psychology.


  • Aged 18-25
  • From Western Europe
  • From a high net worth family - for the purposes of this study this means that you understand yourself as being part of a high net worth family, which can include, but is not limited to, economic wealth.

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Ethical approval

This study is being conducted with full ethical approval and consent by Regent’s University, July 2019

About the researcher

My name is Beth and I am a final year counselling psychology doctoral student at Regent's University.
Director of Studies - Dr. Rosemary Lodge
Supervisor – Dr. Andreas Vassiliou

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