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Visual, Cognitive, and Affective Responses to Viewing Photographs

11 January 2018

This study aims to investigate how we respond to outdoor environments. The first part of this study is online survey taking around 15 minutes to complete, asking about your personality and experiences. You will then be asked to attend a eye-tracking study held at Anglia Ruskin Psychology Department. This will involve completing questionnaires about your current mood and performing a cognitive task before and after viewing photographs of outdoor environments, taking 45 minutes to complete.


  • Participants must have normal or corrected to normal vision, with no known serious eye-conditions, and do not require wearing bifocal glasses for computer use.
  • Must be 18 years old or above.

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Ethical approval

This study has received ethics approval by the Psychology Departmental Research Ethics Panel (DREP) and ratified by the Faculty Research Ethics Panel under the terms of Anglia Ruskin University's Policy and Code of Practice for the Conduct of Research with Human Participants. DREP approval code: EHPGR-08.

About the researcher

My name is Emily Mckendrick and I am currently running a series of experiments as part of a wider PhD project in the field of environmental and cognitive psychology. I am interested in how both real and simulated exposure to outdoor settings influences our cognitive abilities and processes, and to what extent this relates to how we visually attend to the environment.

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