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Invisible bodies: narratives of intersex youth, their parents & physicians

14 November 2018

In this study, we would like to find out more about the experiences, the needs and possible concerns of adolescents and young adults with a variation of sex characteristics or intersexuality and their families. For this reason we aim to conduct interviews with them, and their parents. The interviews will generate information about what is important to them and indicate what aspects of care need further improvement. The ultimate aim is to empower adolescents and young adults.


  • Participants are adolescents and young adults (aged 15-29) who are intersex or born with a difference of sexual development, or their parents. They can speak English, German, French, Italian, Dutch. They need to be available for a one-time interview (in person or by phone). No questions will be asked about their medical history (but participants are free to share if they wish)

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Ethical approval

The study has received approval from the EKNZ (Ethikkommission Nordwest- und Zentralschweiz )

About the researcher

I am a researcher at the University of Basel (Switzerland) with a background in philosophy and ethics.

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