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Help the Office for National Statistics and receive £30!

15 April 2019

At the Office for National Statistics (ONS) we collect data by asking people like you to take part in our studies. To make sure we are asking questions in the right way, we need people to test them.

This study involves a short online questionnaire, and a five-minute follow-up telephone interview a week or so later.

If you are selected for both the online and telephone parts, we will send you £30 in High Street shopping vouchers, as a thank you for taking part in this study.


  • We are keen to speak to people aged 18+ living in households in England and Wales where:
  • a. three or more unrelated adults live together, OR
  • b. a family has unrelated person(s) living with them. OR
  • c. someone lives away during term time for study, OR
  • d. someone lives away for work, OR
  • e. someone who lives there has more than one family home (for example, children with parents who live at different addresses)
  • We are NOT looking to hear from people living in halls of residence or care homes.

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