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Helping People to Recognise Composites using a Facial-Composite Interventio

27 July 2020

The study looks at facial recognition by using composites. The success rate of composites (police EVOfits) is a growing area of research and useful in everyday life within forensics.
This study looks at training people in better recognition of composites.
The study takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and is done via powerpoint. Files are sent to download and a phone call made during the experiment.
In order to take part participants are required to be aged 18+


  • age 18-70.
  • To have some familiarity with general well-known celebrities.

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Ethical approval

Ethics approval passed. No sensitive topics included.

About the researcher

Hello, my name is Mikaela. I am studying a PhD at UCLan and would appreciate your time to complete my study. Thank you

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