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The role of problem solving in social anxiety, paranoia, and imagery

26 March 2017

The study aims to discover more about some people’s experiences of social anxiety and unusual thoughts, particularly the role of problem solving and imagery in these experiences, and possibly the links between them. It is hoped that the study will contribute to knowledge about both social anxiety and paranoia, and lead to improved assessment and care


  • Age: 18 or over
  • Contactable by phone
  • Speak sufficient English to complete questionnaires
  • Ability to travel to the appointment location
  • Experience difficult anxiety in social situations (sometimes called social anxiety)
  • OR experience difficult or unusual thoughts and feelings (sometimes called paranoia)
  • OR no experience of social anxiety or paranoia.

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Ethical approval

The ethics of this study have been reviewed (through the Integrated Research Application System; IRAS ID: 199896) and been given a favourable opinion by an NHS Research Ethics Committee (Wales REC 2), a local NHS Trust’s Research and Development Department, and the University of Bath’s Psychology Ethics Committee.

About the researcher

The researcher is a clinical psychologist who is interested in helping people better understand each other. She is hoping that this study will help improve assessment and care for certain mental health issues

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