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Has this child been sexually abused?

05 July 2018

The aim of this study is to see how demographic factors (such as gender and age) affect our perceptions of complainants and defendants involved in a hypothetical case of alleged child sexual abuse. Our findings will help us to understand underlying factors that might bias perceptions in this type of case and so is very relevant to real court proceedings.

The research project is a collaboration between University of Brighton and University of Gothenburg.


  • Males
  • Aged 18-75

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Ethical approval

This research has received favourable ethical opinion from the Tier 2 Cross-School Research Ethics Committee at the University of Brighton, UK. Reference code: SSCREC 18-02

About the researcher

My name is Dr Hannah Cassidy and I am a researcher in Forensic Psychology at the University of Brighton. My research interests centre around children involved in the criminal justice system both in the UK and internationally.

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