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A Sustainable Lexicon

11 September 2020

This project will look at how eco-friendly words influence the consumer. These words include plastic free, ethical, zero waste, etc. I aim to prove that individuals are undoubtedly influenced by this, and explain reasons as to why. The survey is aimed at all shoppers, whether conscious, mainstream or both.


  • 18 years of age or older
  • Consent to the data you provide being used for coursework and research purposes by students and staff at the University of Leicester
  • Understand that you will not be compensated for your participation

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Ethical approval

This study has been approved by The University of Leicester Ethics Sub-Committee of Science & Engineering, Arts, Humanities and Law on August 25th 2020.

About the researcher

Hello! My name is Cecilia Adekoya and I am final year student at the University of Leicester. I spent a year abroad at Queen's University in Canada where I explored subjects outside my degree of English Literature and Spanish Language. These included theories of development and global food security. I am interested in the eco-friendly lifestyle, which is why I have chosen this topic for my dissertation. I enjoy watching documentaries, and I recommend Outcry, Manctopia, The Scheme and Biggest Little Farm. Other hobbies of mine include reading and cooking. My favourite dish is risotto and focaccia bread.

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