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What are the health needs of middle-aged and older people with cancer?

06 July 2020

Could you help us?
LifeChamps is a research study that aims to develop a support service for middle-aged and older people with cancer and their families/friends after cancer treatment.
Please help us understand what health needs, priorities and care requirements middle-aged and older people have after cancer treatment. What aspects of your health care would you want the service to help with?
Participation is either a short online survey or telephone interview.
We look forward to hearing from you


  • Patients -- Aged 50 years or above; Diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer; Having finished primary cancer treatment (e.g. surgery / chemotherapy / radiotherapy).
  • Family members, friends or caregivers -- Aged 18 years or above; Family member, friend or informal caregiver of a patient with breast or prostate cancer aged 50 years or above, who has finished primary cancer treatment (e.g. surgery / chemotherapy / radiotherapy).
  • ALL participants must have access to phone or Internet.

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Ethical approval

This study has been approved by the University of Glasgow, MVLS School Ethics Committee.

About the researcher

LifeChamps is a multinational research project. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875329. Further information: https://lifechamps.eu/

The University of Glasgow is a member of the project's consortium. The team at the University of Glasgow includes Dr Greg Kotronoulas (PI), Ms Sheena McGowan and Dr Rebecca Marshall-McKenna.

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