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What in therapy helps HIV+ individuals helps psychosocial adjustment?

16 April 2020

Research suggests an individual entering HIV health care today may have a life expectancy nearing that of a HIV- negative individual. Yet advances in medical science have arguably not been matched by the psychological needs of HIV+ individuals given the complexity of living with HIV & the associated problems such as depression,, anxiety, low self-esteem. In conducting this study I am hoping to gain a better understanding of individuals’ experiences of a HIV-positive diagnosis in therapy


Ethical approval

This research has gained ethical approval from the ethics committee, London Metropolitan University

About the researcher

I am a counselling psychologist in training at London Metropolitan University and I am currently conducting supervised doctoral research into helpful aspects of therapy that promote psychosocial adjustment in men/women following a positive HIV diagnosis.
I have therapeutic experience in drug & alcohol presentations & working within university student services.

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