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Global Medicines Use and Reuse Survey

03 September 2019

We want to learn about the different ways people obtain medicines for their own use at home. We also want to know what people think about the quality of these medicines and if they would ever reuse medicines. The types of medicines we are talking about are tablets or capsules used for treating whole-body conditions such as pain, infections, heart disease, and depression or anxiety. We are interested in the views of ordinary people as well as health professionals living anywhere in the world.


Ethical approval

This study has received research ethics approval as per the University of Reading Research Ethics Committee procedures.

About the researcher

I have been a pharmacist for over 25 years, and I have been researching medicines use in my role as a university Professor and more recently as a psychologist. I am currently involved in a project exploring safe and acceptable ways to reuse medicines and effective ways of reducing medication wastage.

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