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Home camping during the COVID-19 pandemic

07 October 2020

We would like to hear from people who have camped at home during the UK COVID-19 pandemic. Camping 'at home’ includes overnight stays in tents/home-made shelters (outside or indoors) or other camping-specific accommodation (e.g. caravans, motorhomes, tailer tents) adjacent to the home. We aim to investigate the motivations, experiences and future behaviours of people who camped at home in this period, and also any self-percieved benefitspeople may feel they have derived from camping at home.


  • UK resident
  • Over 18
  • Must have camped at home during the COVID-19 lockdown period(s)

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Ethical approval

This project has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through, the University of Edinburgh School of GeoSciences Research Ethics and Integrity Committee.

About the researcher

Dr Nina Morris has expertise on the benefits of nature for health and well-being, sensory-embodied experience, and qualitative research methodology. She has been a Camping and Caravanning Club member for 32 years and the project compliments work she is currently undertaking on twentieth-century camping cultures.
Kate Orton-Johnson has expertise on the connections between children and nature through digital technologies, and has published on the impact of digital technologies on leisure time and on cultures of leisure. She is an experienced non-affiliated camper.

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