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Brexit and Wider Geopolitical Issues

23 November 2019

I am currently an Undergraduate Student studying BSc Geography at Loughborough University. I am conducting research on the impact that Brexit will have on the UK, but also looking at the wider geopolitical issues that the UK government should be concerned about as well.
My research method is in the form of a questionnaire, that consists of 12 questions. I am looking for as many respondents as I can and will be very grateful for a few spare minutes of your time to complete the survey.


  • No requirements; just a few spare minutes of your time to complete my questionnaire.
  • You do not need to know too much in relation to Politics and Brexit, I am just looking for your thoughts on world issues today.

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About the researcher

Final-Year Loughborough University student, who is undertaking a BSc Geography Dissertation on the theme of Geopolitics.

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