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UCL Influences on Self-Harm (ISH) project

05 August 2020

We are inviting participants to take part in an online study in which we measure your thoughts about self-harm, with telephone input from a research assistant. The session will take around 30 mins. It will involve asking questions about you and your friends'/relatives' past history of self-harm, and rating your thoughts about self-harm before and after a series of three scenarios. These scenarios are designed to minimise any triggering effects, and we have built in a series of safeguards.


  • aged 18-25 years
  • resident in the UK
  • have a history of having self-harmed in the last 5 years
  • have not had suicidal thoughts in the last month
  • are happy to provide a current email address by which we can contact you to arrange a time and date to participate
  • are happy to provide a telephone number we can call you on whilst you participate in the session
  • are happy to provide GP details, as part of our safeguarding processes
  • are happy to provide the address of the UK location you are in at the time of conducting the online session, as part of our safeguarding

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Ethical approval

The Influences on Self-Harm (ISH) project has received ethical approval from the UCL Research Ethics Committee (reference 14075/002).

About the researcher

Dr Alexandra Pitman is a clinical researcher in the UCL Institute of Mental Health, where she is collaborating with colleagues on an online research study investigating influences on self-harm in young people. The co-produced design is intended not to be triggering, and to help understand an important topic. Read more about the study team here: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/mental-health/research/influences-self-harm-ish-project

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