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3 day BED REST study

17 September 2017

Healthy volunteers required as "Pillownauts" (Astronauts in Bed) - helping a manned mission to Mars!

To investigate insulin resistance during BED REST. This is part of a larger study with the European Space Agency.
The study in being conducted at the University of Nottingham. It involves medical screening, 3 days bed rest, 3 experimental sessions and 3 days rehabilitation.
Volunteers must be healthy, male and aged 20-45 years.

Contact Dr Natalie Shur, Clinical Research Fellow


Ethical approval

This study has been approved by the University of Nottingham Medical School Ethics Committee May 2017 reference no: 6-1704

About the researcher

The study will be conducted by a team of doctors and senior researchers at the David Greenfield Human Physiology Unit at the University of Nottingham

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