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Find out whether you are socially anxious - Prize draw £10 Amazon Voucher

02 May 2019

This is an online self-assessment for social anxiety. It involves some questionnaires and computerised tasks which take <10 minutes to complete. You will then enter a prize draw of £10 or equivalent voucher.

You can later choose to enroll into an intervention study for social anxiety.
Upon completion, you will receive:
- a brief report on your progress
- a £10 (or equivalent) Amazon voucher
- a chance to win an iPad!
*These are on top of the £10 prize draw you enter for the self-assessment.


Ethical approval

This is a joint project by King's College London and The University of Hong Kong.
​This study is approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee for Non-Clinical Faculties of The University of Hong Kong. HREC Reference Number: [EA1709016]

About the researcher

The study is conducted by Joint PhD Clinical Psychology student, Ms. Chantel Leung under the supervision of Professor Tatia Lee from The University of Hong Kong and Dr. Jenny Yiend from King’s College London.

For more information: https://www.changeyourmind.online/

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