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Eclipse 2 Study

03 May 2018

We are exploring how the liver and muscles coordinate glucose and fat metabolism differently between healthy individuals and people who have elevated levels of fat in their liver. 'Eclipse 2' forms part of a larger study. As a healthy volunteer, you will be asked to attend for a single study visit taking place over 2 days


  • male
  • aged 18 – 50 years,
  • English speaker
  • non-vegetarian (diet contains meat and /or fish)
  • Drink less than 21 units of alcohol per week
  • Have normal liver fat on ultrasound scan (measured at the Screening visit)
  • Normal weight (Body mass index (BMI) 18-28 kg/m2)
  • Are not taking medication that may affect your liver health (e.g. steroids, statins, omega-3- acids)
  • Are not participating in special diet or weight loss programmes.
  • Are able to lie down in an MRI scanner
  • Do not have a history of diabetes, heart problems or psychiatric illness.
  • Do not take any regular medication

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Ethical approval

This study has been granted approval from the Nottingham 2 National Research ethics Committee (17/EM/0441)

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