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Co-design with parents to develop digital interventions for abdominal pain

07 November 2019

The aim of this project is to run a co-design workshop with the parents of children with chronic abdominal pain to inform the development of an app which would provide tailored intervention for children with chronic abdominal pain. The methodology used will be from a codesign as well as anthropological approaches. The project protocol is a group session workshop. There will be 2 in person sessions where participants will be asked to complete a series of short tasks.


  • - Participants must be over 18 years of age
  • - Participants must be parents of children with abdominal pain
  • - Participants must be fluent in English

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Ethical approval

This project has been approved by University College London (UCL) Anthropology department

About the researcher

I am an Anthropology student at University College London who is interested in the ways in which mobile health apps are providing users with more autonomy over their health whilst also contributing to new understandings of a digitised embodiment.

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