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Indian handmade children's clothing

19 February 2019

The project I have undertaken is opening a small pop stall and/or shop for handmade childrens clothing from India. The reason I have chosen this for my business idea is because the textiles from India should gain back their recognition around the world.
The survey is my primary research. Firstly, is there a need in the market? Secondly, how much are people willing to spend? And lastly, what exactly should I create for this product to be attractive for the people?


  • Parents
  • Age above 18
  • Primary shoppers for their kids
  • UK based parents
  • Spend in pounds (£)
  • Children between 0 - 12 years of age

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Ethical approval

After taking an ethics course, this study has been approved by University of Greenwich for the period of November 2018- April 2019 for the module Business Creation Project

About the researcher

I am a final year student at the University of Greenwich. This is a 30 credit course module, extremely important.
I feel very strongly about my project because its where I am from and how I can give back to my country in a small way.

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