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Indian handmade children's clothing

19 February 2019

The project I have undertaken is opening a small pop stall and/or shop for handmade childrens clothing from India. The reason I have chosen this for my business idea is because the textiles from India should gain back their recognition around the world.
The survey is my primary research. Firstly, is there a need in the market? Secondly, how much are people willing to spend? And lastly, what exactly should I create for this product to be attractive for the people?


Ethical approval

After taking an ethics course, this study has been approved by University of Greenwich for the period of November 2018- April 2019 for the module Business Creation Project

About the researcher

I am a final year student at the University of Greenwich. This is a 30 credit course module, extremely important.
I feel very strongly about my project because its where I am from and how I can give back to my country in a small way.

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