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Study of the Implications for Ageing

09 July 2018

This study aims to identify the interaction between the personality meta-traits such as: conscientiousness, extraversion and openness and its association with your sleep/wake cycle and cognition. The study will be an important contribution to our understanding of the individual differences in how personality and sleep/wake patterns can influence cognitive function. The study is affiliated by the University of Bradford and has been approved by the ethics committee.


  • Age :26-60
  • No known diagnosed medical conditions impacting cognition, sleep, mood or use drugs that are known to interact with cognition.
  • Participants MAY NOT participate if they are taking medications that may interact with cognitive performance, mood or sleep
  • Fluency in English
  • Ability to travel to the Universty of Bradford

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Ethical approval

The project follows the guidelines provided by the British Psychology Society and it is approved by the University's ethics committee

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