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Antidepressant study at University College London

03 July 2018

We are looking for healthy volunteers aged 18-40 to take part in a study investigating the effects of antidepressants on emotional processing, decision-making and learning.

You will be asked to take a low dose of the safe and well-established antidepressant ‘Citalopram’ or a placebo for a period of 7 days. You will then visit the study centre at University College London multiple times to play computerised games and fill out questionnaires. Payment for participation will be £90-£115.


Ethical approval

This study has been approved by the University College London Research Ethics Committee (Project ID Number): 9787/002

About the researcher

My name is Dr Jochen Michely, I am a medical doctor at University College London Hospitals and research associate at University College London interested in understanding how certain psychopharmacological agents impact on cognitive mechanisms such as emotional processing, decision-making and learning. The knowledge I hope to gain from this research could ultimately lead to a better understanding of mental illness and particularly to an improvement of treatment strategies for mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

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