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Website experience (job seekers & talent seekers)

09 September 2020

Torre is a company trying to develop a better way for people to find or post jobs. We are working on improving our website so visitors can have a better experience and improve their chances of finding a perfect job match. This study's goal is to make our website more appealing and we're looking to get pretty raw impressions, which is why we're trying to make the test as unbiased as possible by looking for volunteers.


  • Talent seekers and job seekers from emerging countries in the following areas: tech jobs, start-ups, universities, and service industry.
  • Talent seekers and job seekers from NON-emerging countries in the following areas: software development, data science, design (freelance), consulting (freelance), and sales and marketing (freelance)

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About the researcher

My name is Claudia and I work for Torre, a website to help people match with the perfect job for them. I studied Philosophy and I'm about to graduate from a Masters in Philosophy of Science. I've been involved in academic research for most of my adult life, but I'm pretty new to the UX research world so it's all new and exciting for me.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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