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Resolution of inflammation in autoimmune disease and ageing

01 May 2019

In Professor Derek Gilroy's lab, our research focuses on how inflammation 'switches off'. Using a model of acute, self-resolving inflammation, we have various studies ongoing looking at immune responses in healthy volunteers, patients with autoimmune disease, as well as older people (aged over 65 years). The model involves injecting a dead bacteria (UV-killed E. coli) into both forearms of our participants and sampling the site of inflammation and blood tests to look for differences in response


  • Time to complete study - 8 hours spread over 3 days
  • Healthy volunteers
  • Patients with autoimmune disease (such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus)
  • Male or female
  • Any age
  • Non-smoker
  • No vaccinations within 3 months

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Ethical approval

Our studies operate under strict ethical approvals. These include NHS REC approval for patients (15/WM/0368) and UCL ethics committee (14409/001 and 1309/004).

About the researcher

Dr James Glanville (Rheumatologist and Clinical Research Fellow) is the supervising clinician and researcher for the studies. Oher members of the research team include Miss Parinaaz Jalali, Miss Olivia Bracken and Dr George Collins. Our PI is Professor Derek Gilroy, Scientific Director and Professor of Immunology and Head of Centre for Experimental and Translational Medicine, Division of Medicine, UCL.

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