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How does cannabis affect brain activity?

31 January 2019

We are conducting a brain imaging study investigating the effects of cannabis. We are looking for people aged 16-17 and 26-29. We want people who sometimes use cannabis, but not daily users. You will get paid about £210 + travel reimbursed.

There are 4 sessions, spaced over a 4-8 week period, held at UCL and Hammersmith Hospital.

The study involves the administration of cannabis or an inactive placebo. You will have an MRI brain scan and complete cognitive tasks.


  • • Healthy Volunteer
  • • Be available in the working day to come to Hammersmith Hospital for 4+ hours, on 3 occasions
  • • No diagnosed psychiatric conditions
  • • Never had psychosis or have a family member with psychosis
  • • Male and Female
  • • Age 16-17
  • • OR Age 26-29
  • • Sometimes use recreational drugs, including cannabis
  • • Able to have an MRI scan
  • Note - there are other eligibility criteria that are assessed over the phone.

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Ethical approval

Ethical approval granted by UCL Ethics Committee, project ID 5929/005.

About the researcher

We are researchers from University College London's Clinical Psyhopharmacology Unit. We conduct research into how drugs affect people's minds and brains in the short and long-term.

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