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The Positive Body Image Project

01 January 1970

The purpose of the study: to investigate how self-compassion and gratitude may help people change their relationship with body image in a positive way
The nature of the study: a randomized controlled trial of brief meditation tasks or control done in your own time
Time commitment: 3 hours spread over two weeks
Tasks: complete questionnaires 3 times. Intervention groups practice a meditation task for 5min per day. Video Instruction and MP3 meditation provided by email after registering


Ethical approval

This study was reviewed by, and received ethical approval clearance from Liverpool John Moores University Research Ethics Committee on 5th March 2019 (ref: 19/NSP/019)

About the researcher

Dr Paul Lattimore (BSc. PhD) is a research psychologist and mindfulness teacher. His research focuses on the potential benefits of meditation for different aspects of wellbeing. He has extensive experience as a meditator and is an accredited mindfulness teacher. Dr Lattimore has delivered a range of mindfulness meditation courses for students, corporate clients and the wider public. You can view his academic profile here: https://goo.gl/2AA2Dt

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