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£150 - Effect of Curcumin (turmeric) on Iron levels, Inflammation & Fatigue

12 November 2018

This 2019 ground-breaking study will administer a unique, bio-available curcumin (turmeric spice extract) from a prestigious global brand alongside iron supplements.
Iron status, inflammation & fatigue will be assessed.
FREE: 1) £150 Incentive; 2) SECA State-of-the-Art Medical Body Composition (Fat/Muscle breakdown) report; 3) Health Report

4 Campus Visits Required;
-Safety Screening visit to qualify for the Study,
-Baseline (Day 1),
-Mid-Point (Week 3)
-End-Point (Week 6)


  • Looking for:
  • Healthy Males & Females (18-40 years of age)
  • Our study Safety Screening visits will begin in Summer 2018- contact the researcher for any questions on dates - we may have some flexibility
  • Exclusion Criteria for the Study:
  • - Consumption of >21 serving of alcohol/week
  • - Any serious illnesses or those who require medication
  • - Any pregnant or lactating women or those pregnant in the preceding 12 month period
  • - Any women who are trying to conceive
  • - Any women taking contraceptive medication or those who use intrauterine devices.
  • - Any chronic gastrointestinal disorders
  • - Any chronic menstrual disorders (e.g. PCOS)
  • - Any subjects who have undergone the menopause or undergoing the perimenopause transition
  • - Any depression/mental disorders
  • - Any abnormal blood pressure levels
  • - Those with deficient or excessive iron levels
  • For Further Clarification or Queries Please Contact a Researcher

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Ethical approval

This study has received ethical Approval from the University of Westminster Faculty of Science & Technology Ethics Committee.

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