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The impact of Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise on Liver Fat Quality (DELIVER)

11 April 2019

This study involves 2 assessment visits (Nottingham: MRI scan & health assessment, Leicester: Blood sample & walking test) before and after a 6-week experiment period (4 assessment visits in total).

6-week experiment period: You will be randomised to an exercise training group or control group. The exercise training group will do 3 supervised (and 1 unsupervised) exercise sessions per week in either Leicester, Loughborough or Nottingham. The control group will maintain their normal lifestyle.


  • Male
  • Age 30-75
  • Non-smoker
  • Type 2 Diabetes (Treated via lifestyle or Metformin)
  • Overweight or Obese (BMI greater than 27)
  • Able to meet the time and physical demand
  • Not currently dieting

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Ethical approval

This research study has been approved by the Nottingham 1 Research Ethics Committee and will run up until August 2020.

About the researcher

Mr Scott Willis and Mr Aron Sherry are researchers from Loughborough University with experience in Exercise Physiology and Physical Activity & Health, respectively. They run the study day-to-day and lead the study assessment visits in Nottingham and Leicester.

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