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Looking in the right places to prevent stair falls

07 October 2020

We are conducting research to explore how load carrying can influence falls risk on stairs. We are looking for people aged 18 to 35. The testing will last approximately 1.5 hours in a single visit, and involves walking up and down an experimental staircase whilst carrying custom loads designed to occlude different degrees of visual angle. We will also test your visual function (visual acuity and contrast sensitivity). The findings will be used in evidence-based guidance on load carrying.


  • Age 18-35
  • No musculoskeletal or neurological conditions which could affect normal stair walking, e.g. recent strains or sprains; MS
  • No visual impairment which could affect normal stair walking, e.g. macular degeneration

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Ethical approval

This study has received institutional ethical approval

About the researcher

Neil M Thomas is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Brain & Behaviour and Biomechanics.

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