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Artificial Intelligence and Mental Healthcare Inside Prisons.

20 March 2020

The aim and objectives of this study is to understand current attitudes and opinions towards AI as a mental healthcare tool inside prisons. This study is specifically interested in attitudes towards AI as a tool for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of mental health conditions inside prisons. This will involve gathering data in the form of an online survey.


Ethical approval

The researcher has successfully completed an ethical self-assessment which indicated an ethical review by a committee was not required.

About the researcher

I am a final year Criminology & Sociology BSc (Hons) student at the University of Surrey and have a keen interest in the current growth and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. To date, I have conducted research into the application of AI in the domain of mental healthcare - focusing on the use of AI-based Apps incorporating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) methods.

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