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Biodiversity and Climate Change

25 June 2019

Climate change and other human pressures on ecosystems increasingly present challenges for conservation researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and society at large. Debate about how to manage biodiversity under climate change is influenced strongly by individual preferences of experts, yet there is little published about their preferences. This survey seeks to fill a critical gap in our understanding, contributing to discussion and debate about how to manage ecosystems in the Anthropocene.


Ethical approval

This study has received ethical approval from the University of Liverpool (Application #3256). All information about the study and conditions of ethical approval are provided in a document linked on the first page of the survey.

About the researcher

Dr Sarah Clement is a researcher at the University of Liverpool working on environmental governance and management. She is currently writing a book about Governing the Anthropocene, and this research will be one element covered in the book. Dr Clement worked with two ecologists, Dr Rachel Standish (Murdoch University) and Prof Pat Kennedy (Oregon State University) to design and administer this survey.

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