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The effect of dopamine on decision making in depressions (£115 - £155)

07 May 2019

We are looking for participants with the experience of persistent low mood/depression to take part in our study on L-DOPA and decision-making. It is a 3-part study (each part will be completed on different days). Session 1 will consist of some questionnaires and structured interviews. Sessions 2 & 3 will consist of taking a drug (either placebo or L-DOPA) and completing a decision-making task in an MRI scanner (brain scanner). If you complete all 3 sessions, you will be paid £115 - £155.


  • persistent low mood/depression
  • no metal/magnetic objects in your body (non-removable piercing, cardiac pacemaker, stimulator, artificial heart valve, brain aneurysm clips, injury involving metal, copper IUD etc)

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Ethical approval

The study has been approved by an NHS Research Ethics Committee.

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