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Quantitative MRI for Anatomical Phenotyping in Parkinson's disease

09 January 2019

Disease course and presentation for Parkinson’s differ widely between individual patients. This study aims to combine novel MRI anatomical imaging techniques with detailed clinical and genetic data to develop tools to develop ways of more accurately diagnosing PD and predicting change.

We seek Healthy Controls and PD patients to be followed-up for assessments over four years. Assessments will include an MRI scan, completing questionnaires, cognitive assessments and a blood sample collection.


  • Either:
  • Non-Parkinson’s disease:
  • - Rapid eye movement behavioural disorder diagnosed through an overnight sleep study.
  • - Control participants who are otherwise well
  • Parkinson’s disease:
  • - Diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease made within the last two years
  • - No identified cause for Parkinson’s disease (such as genetic, medication related, or due to a brain abnormality such as stroke-related damage)
  • +Age between 45-75
  • +Able to undergo MRI scanning (i.e. no history of brain surgery, pacemaker, severe claustrophobia)

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Ethical approval

Research Ethics Committee Ref: 18/LO/1229

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