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Women in UK's Advertising Industry

14 December 2018

Purpose of the study

Many research studies on advertising industry show that women face barriers in their work, either by not having enough support to keep the position and maintain a family or through the glass ceiling, unequal pay, etc. This study however researches the working culture in the advertising industry, such as networking, interaction at work, dress codes, ability to see other senior women as role models, and expectations of women working in the industry.


Ethical approval

The study has an ethical approval of Leeds Beckett University. Participants will be provided with information document and consent form. I guarantee confidentiality and anonymity of participants. All data will be stored in line with Data Protection Act and GDPR.

Participation is voluntary, and participants have the right to discontinue participation at any time during the interview. No personal and/or intrusive questions will be asked.

About the researcher

Dr Martina Topic is a senior lecturer in public relations at Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Business School.

She worked as a journalist in several print media in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, as well as entrepreneur where she has founded several companies in the past 10 years. As an entrepreneur she was responsible for management and marketing activities.

Martina also worked at the University of Zagreb (Faculty of Political Science) as a research assistant (2007-2013). At Leeds Beckett University, she was first appointed as a graduate teaching assistant (2014-2016), then Lecturer in Public Relations (2016-2017), and since December 2017, she works as a Senior Lecturer in Public Relations.

She has worked as a researcher in many research projects, including UNESCO Media Development Indicators (2008-2009), FP7 Identities and Modernities in Europe (2009-2012), Public Service Employment (2017-2017), yellow sticker shopping project (since October 2017), sustainability and consumer views (since June 2018) and COMPETE IN project (since October 2017). She also currently leads two projects, British Academy funded project on women in advertising industry and EUPRERA project on women in public relations.

Since 2016, she serves as Local Research Ethics Coordinator, Social Media Manager for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes (Facebook and Twitter), and academic advisor to Level 1 and Level 2 students (Public Relations, Journalism). Martina also holds Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, and she is an external examiner at Bournemouth University (BA (Hons) Public Relations).

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