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Recognition of expressions and emotion in others

20 November 2019

What is the purpose of the study?
Facial expressions are a way we communicate our internal emotional state, but communication is a two-way process. This study seeks to explore how people receive and process those messages; how we read and respond to expressions and emotions in others, as well as individual differences in these processes.


Ethical approval

The study was ethically assessed through the University of Surrey (UK) SAFE (Self-Assessment Form: Ethics) procedure (reference number: FT-1819-215), and it was determined that it did not need to be subject to review by the University of Surrey Ethics Committee.

About the researcher

As a mid-life career change I'm studying for a Master's in Psychology at Surrey University in the UK and this survey is to collect data in support of my dissertation. I've found the psychology course fascinating (certainly beats my previous career in Finance!) and have tried to make my survey engaging and fun too! I'm aiming for as diverse a sample as possible so I'd be most grateful for your support by completing my survey. Many thanks.

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