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Unravelling the effects of Oxytocin on Reinforcement Learning

02 October 2018

The study involves 5 visits (1 screening session and 4 experimental sessions) to our centre in Denmark Hill. You will receive 3 doses of intranasal oxytocin or placebo in different visits and then we will take some pictures of your brain while you lay in a scanner of magnetic resonance imaging. You will also perform a battery of behavioural tasks. The sessions last for about 2,5-3h and happen normally during the afternoon.


  • 16-35 years old, right-handed male
  • You do not suffer or have suffered from any previous psychiatric or neurological condition
  • You are not currently receiving any medication that may affect your performance (please discuss with the researcher if unsure)
  • Do not have a history of drug dependence
  • Have not been using recreational drugs in past month
  • Drink less than 28 units of alcohol per week (1 unit = 1/2 pint of beer (285mls) or 25ml of spirits or 1 glass of wine) and smoke less than 5 cigarettes per day (in the past 6 months)
  • You consent to providing a small blood sample (3 teaspoonfuls) in each study visit

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Daniel Martins is a medical doctor and a PhD candidate at the Department of Neuroimaging, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College London

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