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Thoughts and feelings about common scenarios and events

09 May 2019

We are conducting a 2-part study to examine how we think and feel about ourselves and others after recalling common scenarios and events in our lives. Part 1 is an online survey and takes about 20-minutes to complete. Part 2 includes a writing task and another online survey and takes about 30 – 45 minutes to complete. Part 2 is completed in the School of Psychology at least 7-days after Part 1. You will receive compensation of £7.50 for completing both parts of the study.


Ethical approval

This study has received ethical approval by the University of Birmingham’s Ethics Committee (ERN-16-1262).

About the researcher

This project is being conducted in partial fulfilment for the Degree of Master of Science (Psychology) by Connor Rogers, under the supervision of Dr Fay Julal Cnossen (School of Psychology, University of Birmingham)

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