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BREAKER study - Breaking up sitting with resistance exercise

21 August 2019

This study is recruiting participants to help investigate the effects of breaking up long periods of sitting (10 hours) with brief periods of walking and light resistance exercise.

We want to investigate the effects that these activity breaks have on blood and heart-related health, appetite, mood, sleepiness and reaction time


  • Males
  • Aged 35-70 years old
  • Overweight or Obese (BMI 25 - 40 kg/m2 or ≥ 23 to 40 kg/m2 if south Asian)
  • Exclusion criteria:-
  • - Contra-indications to exercise
  • - Undertaking strenuous (vigorous) sport or exercise for more than 20 minutes per week or engage in resistance exercise on a weekly basis
  • - Needle phobia
  • - Any history of, or ongoing cardiovascular disease
  • - Ongoing treatment for other major diseases (e.g. cancer) except hypertension if controlled (medication or lifestyle)
  • - Blood pressure >140mmHg systolic / >90mmHg diastolic (measured during study visit 1)
  • - Taking glucose lowering medication or HbA1c ≥ 7.5% (finger prick)
  • - Taking steroids or any other medication that influences blood glucose

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Ethical approval

This study has been approved by the Loughborough University Ethics Committee on 4th July 2019

About the researcher

This research group specialises in evaluating lifestyle interventions designed to improve occupational health and well-being

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