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Self-service Technology

01 January 1970

Dear Participant,
Thank you for agreeing to participate in the research project about 'The implication of the transition to an automated airport'.

The purpose of this study is to explore the effect of the implementation of self-service technologies at airports; and the possibility of improving the experience through identifying the key problems.

To fully complete the survey, it will take approximately 10 minutes.


Ethical approval

There have not been identified risks and disadvantages which could harm the participant, and this study has been approved by the Loughborough University, School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering Department ethics committee on 28 March 2019.
All the data has been collected will be kept confidentially and will be analysed anonymously, as no names and addresses will be required to complete the survey.
The results of the survey will be presented only in the dissertation.

About the researcher

This study is done by Jacquelyn Chiu, as a dissertation project at the course of MSc Air Transport Management student at Loughborough University and the research project is being supervised by Dr. Lucy C. Budd.

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