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Mental Health Outcomes in Mothers of Colicky Babies.

14 June 2019

The study will explore whether infantile colic has implications for maternal mental health and whether there are any other factors that influence this possible relationship.

The study is recruiting people who are…

• Mothers aged 18 and over
• Mothers will have given birth in the previous 12-26 weeks.
• Mothers will be living with their infant
• Mothers with babies experiencing colic
• Mothers with babies who were born full-term and without additional needs


Ethical approval

The study has been approved by the University of Southampton's Ethics Committee; ERGO number: 47281 and as a cross sectional design (rather than intervention) no further permissions were required.

About the researcher

The study is being done as part of the researcher’s doctorate in Clinical Psychology training at the University of Southampton. The researcher has a particular interest in maternal mental health and would like to make advances in the field to prevent difficulties of mothers in the future. Supervisors include a Clinical Psychologist with a longstanding research interest and publication history in pre and post natal mental health and a Psychologist researching in the filed of child and educational development.

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