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Informing The Future of Smart Homes

01 July 2019

The Internet of Things brings a manifold of different devices to our homes. We use smart voice assistants to play music, ask for the weather, and order things online; we use smart TVs for entertainment; our kids use smart toys, have their own tablets, and mobile phones; we might secure our home with cameras and motion sensors.

We are interested in how you as a household might be using such devices, even if you don't own any yet! We will get them for you. Get in touch!


  • One person per participating household should be familiar with the use of smart phones and mobile apps in general.
  • We are targeting mainly 'nuclear' families (partners living with kids) but are also interested in other household arrangements.
  • Your children are invited to participate in the study but need to be 6 years or older.
  • Your family home should be somewhere in or close to Oxford.

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Ethical approval

This study was reviewed by the Social Sciences & Humanities Inter-Divisional Research Ethics Committee at the University of Oxford (R59140/RE001). All researchers have received adequate ethics and children safeguarding training.

About the researcher

We are a team of researchers at the Computer Science Department at the University of Oxford. You can read more about the project. Read more about our project and about us at this page: https://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/projects/fosh/

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