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Online dating and its links with mental well-being among adult men

12 June 2019

I am a final year student of a Master's degree in Clinical Counselling at the University of Chester, conducting research into how online dating/apps impact on men's mental well-being. Online dating is reported to have negative impact on mental health. I am interested in exploring men's personal experiences of online dating and gaining an insight into any feelings, thoughts, challenges experienced when looking for a romantic partner.


Ethical approval

Ethics Application approved by the University of Chester Social and Political Science Ethics Committee in May 2019

About the researcher

My research idea into the topic stems from my personal experience of using various online dating services and apps in hope to find myself a romantic partner, in my early-mid 30's. It was mostly unsettling, disappointing and uncomfortable. This would in turn affect the way I felt about myself and others, I behaved and acted in everyday life. There has been very little written about the impact of online dating/apps on mental health of its users, especially men. "Mental health in men continues to be a taboo subject, with many men suffering when they experience feelings of sadness, loneliness or anxiety" (Safeline.org.uk, 2017). With there being a lack of literature on mental health, in conjunction with online dating or research done being very broad, I am interested in starting to narrow this gap slightly while hearing about men's experiences in this area. It could enrich my knowledge and inform my practice as a trainee counsellor, offering an insight into the subject to those in similar professions .

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